Big Skies is ultimately about communities. While our main drawcard is the chance to experience little-visited corners of Africa, our goal is to contribute to a sense of community that begins locally and extends outwards. 

The first members of our community are the people who work in, and live near, each of our camps. They are the original custodians of the land and the people who know it best.

By partnering with local communities, we have been able to benefit from their profound knowledge of each area we have a presence in – and offer incredible experiences to our guests.

The warm hospitality that you’ll experience in our camps has been extended to us from the earliest days of Big Skies and given us the privilege of feeling that we also belong here.

As a visitor to Big Skies, you’ll also become a member of a community that has its roots in Africa, but which spans the globe.

In everything that we do, we’re guided by a desire to offer sustainable ecotourism opportunities experiences in. It’s not just about what you can touch or taste; rather, we look to create moments that make deep impressions while treading lightly on the Maputaland ecosystem.

To join our community, visit us under Big Skies and experience African holidays reimagined.

A lighter footprint

We’re conscious that our impact must always be a positive one.

That’s why we focus on plant-based cuisine, renewable energy, and a level of comfort that’s entirely in keeping with our setting.

Although we ask for very little from our environment, we’re given an abundance – and that’s something we want to share with you.

The tropical coastline of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, was where we first put our philosophy of community-driven ecotourism into practice. Having formed a partnership with our neighbours, we have been able to introduce the wonders of the dunes, ocean, coastal forests and grasslands to a wider audience, and create meaningful upliftment opportunities.