At Big Skies, we embrace a unique culinary philosophy that aligns with our commitment to the environment. We operate as a vegetarian camp – not to enforce an agenda, but to offer our guests a chance to experiment with different dietary habits during their stay with us.
We believe tourism should be an opportunity for growth and learning. In this light, we encourage our guests to explore the vibrant flavors of vegetarian cuisine for the duration of their stay, which is typically four days.
As part of our eco-initiative, we’ve made a conscious decision to eliminate meat from our menu, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. For instance, the water needed to produce a 200g steak is about 3,060 litres. For 3000 guests in a year as an example, this amounts to around 9,180,000 liters of water. In contrast, serving a 200g portion of mixed vegetables to the same number of guests would use only about 192,000 liters of water. By making this choice, we save approximately 8,988,000 litres of water annually.

We strive to source our vegetables as locally as possible – from our garden, nearby markets, the village, and close suppliers – further minimizing our carbon footprint.

An exception to our vegetarian policy is the locally sourced fish we serve during the boat cruise. Given our location near the world’s oldest fish traps, we view this as an integral part of the experience, where the fish’s journey from ocean to plate is only a matter of meters.

Through these actions, we aim to inspire an appreciation for sustainable living and eating, hoping that our guests will carry these experiences home with them.

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