Our Values

1. Fairness:
We work as a family at our all of our camps. As such, it is important to treat each other with respect, practicing fairness in all steps of operation.

2. Humility: 
We try to avoid hierarchies between guests and staff. Although our guests’ experience comes first, we do usually favour fun over formalities.

3. Learning:
We believe there are many different types of knowledge and ways of thinking. The best way to understand is to listen and learn.

4. Conservation: 
The best way to conserve is to collaborate with the communities that have been living sustainably for hundreds of years.

5. Sustainability:
If we can provide an unforgettable experience, while keeping the principles of sustainability at the forefront of our operations, we’re succeeding.

6. Willingness:
Guest experience is at the core of the business. We are willing to go the extra mile to make the guest experience unique


Big Skies embodies a realm of potential, inviting curiosity and exploration. We’ve conceived our brand with the goal of sparking wonder and reflection. Much like gazing up at the vast expanse of the sky, we aspire to remind ourselves and our guests of both our human significance and insignificance on this shared planet. The name ‘Big Skies’ resonates with this sense of humility and connection to the world around us, all while suggesting boundless opportunities for discovery and learning.

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