Analogue Photo Journal (Part 2)

A serene landscape of a marsh in Maputaland, surrounded by tall palms taken on analogue

Analogue Photography Rediscovered: A Photographer’s Trip at Gugulesizwe

At Gugulesizwe, we believe in celebrating the world’s beauty through the lens of analogue photography. Recently, we hosted our first-ever Photographer’s Trip exclusively for analogue photographers at Gugulesizwe and Little Gugs. The trip was a great success, allowing us to see new perspectives of the place we call home and produce an amazing end product that we are excited to share with the world.

This blog post will explore the magic of the Photographer’s Trip, including the talented photographers who joined us and the breathtaking photographs they captured on film. We will also discuss why analogue photography is so special and why we believe it’s time to rediscover its charm.

Capturing the Beauty of Maputaland

Over four days in February, we invited four talented photographers to capture Maputaland on film. The aim was to create a photo journal of Maputaland’s coastal beauty at our unique holiday destination, and our invitees did not disappoint. We asked each photographer to select their favourite picture and we then posted it to our Instagram! Have a look at their choices below:

The first featured photographer is Geraldine. Her stunning photograph of a fisherman named Mandla on the beach at Lala Nek captures the energy of Maputaland.

The second featured photographer is Simon, whose photograph of Nguni cattle grazing freely at dusk perfectly encapsulates the way nature and society intertwine in Maputaland.

The third featured photographer is Jonathan, who took a luscious sunset shot that showcases the golden, silken sheets being pulled across the unique landscape of coastal bush.

Finally, Angus’s dreamy photograph of the afternoon surf takes us back to the late afternoons spent in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Why Analogue Photography?

We believe in the value of slow practices at Gugulesizwe, which let us genuinely connect with the moment. In today’s fast-paced world, practices such as analogue photography remind us to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us.

Analogue photography offers a unique opportunity to connect with the world in a more intentional way. Shooting with film slows us down, helps us be more intentional, and think about composition. Each photo counts, and we have control over the final outcome, adding creativity to the art.

Taking a photo on film is also a chance to unplug and disconnect from the constant barrage of digital media. We appreciate photography for what it is, without feeling the need to share every moment online.

At Gugulesizwe, we value genuineness and timelessness. Slow practices like analogue photography enable us to capture the essence of Maputaland and other special places in a way that is timeless, genuine, and unfiltered. Join us in rediscovering the beauty of slowing down.